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As of 3/29/20, the State of Delaware is under a mandatory quarantine order which applies to all visitors from out of state, including visitors to our store showroom. Entry is prohibited for all person(s) from out of state before 14 day quarantine period has elapsed. Click here for information from the State of Delaware web site.

At BigCentric, we are taking the current COVID-19 situation and the safety of our customers seriously. Our showroom is currently open, but for your own protection as well as that of others we strongly encourage you to shop online or call us or place your order by telephone instead. At present, deliveries will continue as normal. We will keep our customers informed if the situation changes.

For sanitary purposes, restrictions are in place in our store: A mandatory social distance separation of 6 feet must be observed at all times, we must limit the number of occupants in our showroom, and self-service shopping and product demonstrations including massage chairs are suspended until further notice.
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Rebate Help & Information

General Rebate Information

Mail-in or online rebates are a very popular promotion offered by many appliance manufacturers. Via rebates, you can save a significant amount of money on your appliance or appliance package purchase. You will see information about rebate programs throughout our web site including on individual items, in your shopping cart, and on appliance packages.

Claiming your rebate(s) requires action on your part and is not automatic. You must apply for any available rebates for which your purchase is eligible that you wish to receive. Applying for your rebates is not difficult, but you must remember to do it within the time alloted by the manufacturer or rebate provider. There are some important facts to remember about your mail-in rebates:

  • Availability of a rebate program does not imply or guarantee eligibility or payment. You must apply for any and all mail-in rebates you wish you receive according to the rules published by the rebate provider; You will not automatically receive any rebates if you do not apply for them.
  • Most rebate programs are limited to one application per customer per promotional period, which could impact you if you plan on placing multiple orders at the same time. See your rebate form(s) for details.
  • Rebates must be submitted under a personal name, address, email, and telephone number. Rebates cannot be submitted under a business name, or with a post office box address. Do not under any circumstances submit a rebate using a business name or business contact information. No business name or contact information may appear on your sales invoice anywhere.
  • BigCentric is not your rebate provider and does not provide, guarantee, or imply eligibility for any rebate. Rebates are provided by the product manufacturers or third party rebate processors. BigCentric cannot provide payment for any rebate nor submit rebates on your behalf, influence rebate approval, and cannot provide rebate payment status. For questions regarding your already submitted rebate, contact the rebate provider directly.
  • Almost all rebate payments are in the form of prepaid debit cards. Prepaid cards can be spent anywhere; You do not have to spend them at our store. See your rebate form(s) for details.
  • Rebates take time to process and arrive, up to 16 weeks depending on the program.
  • If your purchase was eligible for multiple rebate programs, it is normal for your rebate payments to arrive separately, and at different times.
Thousands of our customers have successfully applied for and received their mail-in rebates and you can, too! This page contains a wealth of information that can help you accurately complete your mail-in rebate(s).

Important: Take pictures of the serial number labels on your products for your records -- not the serial number labels on the boxes. You may be required to provide proof of your product serial numbers for some rebate programs. This is especially important if you will not have access to your appliances, e.g. if they are in a rental property or property you have sold.
You will need the following materials to complete your mail-in rebate(s):
  • A copy of your sales invoice, paid in full. For help understanding your invoice, click here.
  • The rebate form(s) or instructions sheets for each rebate program. For help obtaining rebate forms, click here.
  • The serial numbers from your new appliances. For help locating your product serial numbers, click here.
  • A valid personal email address that you have access to and check regularly. Do not use a business related email address under any circumstances, or your rebate may be rejected by the processor. NECO rebate programs in particular require action on your part via email for payment. Click here for more information.
Step-by-Step Rebate Instructions

We have prepared a set of illustrated instructions for the most common rebate programs on offer. Note that providers change the look of their web sites or paper forms from time to time, so your experience may vary from the illustrated instructions provided. However, the basic procedure is always similar.

For detailed instructions, please click the logo that matches the provider of your rebate below.






(Coming Soon)
Understanding Your Invoice

You are provided with a copy of your sales invoice with every purchase. All rebate programs require a copy of your sales invoice as proof of purchase, either electronically (if your rebate is submitted online) or on paper (if submitted by mail). If you have lost your invoice or require an electronic copy of your invoice but did not receive one, contact the store or your salesperson for a replacement copy.

Your sales invoice follows a consistent format. Information from your invoice may be required to complete various rebate programs. For your reference, the location of important information found on your invoice is illustrated below.

Example Invoice

This example invoice is for illustration purposes only. Do not attempt to use numbers or information from the image above to complete your rebate. Use the paper or electronic copy provided with your order.

Invoice NumberMost rebate programs will require your invoice number, which uniquely identifies your purchase.
Purchase DateYour purchase date is used to determine your eligibility within the time frame of the rebate program.
Your Billing InformationNote that when you enter your contact information into the rebate processor's web site or write it on the rebate form, it must match either the billing or shipping information printed on your invoice. Do not enter a different address or PO box, or your application will be rejected by the rebate provider.
Your Delivery InformationIf you pick your order up from our warehouse, this area will be blank. This is normal.
Model NumbersYour model numbers identify the products you purchased. They appear on your invoice in the same format they must be entered into the rebate processor's web site or written on the rebate form.
Model DescriptionsYou can use the model description to help you identify which item is which if you don't know what the model numbers mean.
Purchase PricesMost rebate programs require you to enter the price at which you purchased each appliance.
Purchase TotalsImportant: Ensure that the copy of your invoice that you provide to the rebate processor shows that your purchase is paid in full. If "Amount Due" does not show zero and you have paid for your order, contact the store or your salesperson to get a paid in full invoice. If you have not paid for your order in full you will not be able to complete your rebates and your application will be rejected by the rebate processor.
Parts LineThis line shows the free parts that are included with your order. It is not necessary for rebate entry; Do not enter it into your rebate application.
Delivery LinesThis line shows your delivery charge(s) if a applicable, and the "free delivery" line below will show if your order has qualified for free delivery. It is not necessary for rebate entry; Do not enter it into your rebate application.
Referral LineThis line is used for internal record keeping and shows if someone referred you to our store or website, or how you found us via advertising, internet search, or otherwise. It does not affect your order, pricing, or rebates. It is not necessary for rebate entry; Do not enter it into your rebate application.
Where To Get Rebate Forms

The manufacturer or rebate processor provides rebate forms that contain program rules and guidelines, purchase dates, application deadlines, and other information. There are four ways to obtain copies of the rebate forms applicable to your purchase:

  • Our rebate forms archive allows you to download electronic versions of the rebate forms or instructions sheets for current as well as expired promotions. Click here for more information.
  • Applicable rebate programs are displayed below the price on eligible products throughout our web site, and also in your shopping cart. Click on any rebate's name to view the rebate form.
  • Current rebate forms are available directly from the manufacturer of your product, located on their web site. See your product manufacturer's website for details.
  • If you cannot locate your rebate form(s) via any of the above methods, contact us. Be prepared to provide your order number or the name your order was placed under and we can look up and provide the appropriate rebate materials.
Where To Find Serial Numbers

Your appliance serial numbers can be found in either of two places:
  • The label on the box your appliance arrived in.
  • The label on or inside your appliance.
Note that your appliance serial numbers are required for all mail-in rebate programs.

Click here to view our illustrated guide showing the most common locations for model and serial number locations on a variety of products.
Where Is My Rebate?

If you have questions about the status of your rebate, you must contact your rebate provider directly. All manufacturer rebate programs that allow online rebate applications also allow you to view the status of your rebate via the internet. Procedures for this vary, so visit your rebate provider's web site for more information.

Please remember that BigCentric is not your rebate provider and cannot provide rebate status information. Do not contact the store for rebate status questions.

Here is some information about rebate program payment:

  • If your rebate is provided by NECO, action is required on your part via email once your rebate is approved. Click here for more information.
  • Rebate processing takes time. It may take up to 16 weeks for your rebate to be processed and mailed. This time varies depending on the rebate program and current workload of the rebate provider. Busy times of year, typically around the winter holidays, results in slower rebate processing.
  • If your purchase was eligible for more than one rebate, it is normal for payments to arrive separately, and at different times. Do not panic if you receive only one rebate payment at a time.
What To Do If Your Rebate Is Rejected or Declined

Do not contact the store for questions regarding rebate status or payment. BigCentric is not your rebate provider and does not have access to rebate status or payment information. Contact your rebate provider directly. Contact information is located on your rebate form, rebate provider's web site, or below.

If there is a problem with your rebate application, you will receive a communication by either mail or e-mail from the rebate provider. We understand this is frustrating, but you must remember to contact the correct party to resolve the issue. Most rebate rejections are due to entry or typographical errors and are quickly and easily resolved by contacting the rebate provider.

Common reasons for rebate rejection include:
  • Failure to supply product serial numbers with your application.
  • Incorrect serial numbers supplied with your application.
  • Failure to supply sales invoice with your application.
  • Applying for rebate after the published application deadline.
  • Applying for more than one of the same rebate within the same promotional period.
For help resolving any issues with your rebate(s), contact your rebate provider directly. For your convenience, the contact information for most rebate providers are below. Please be sure to select the correct rebate provider, especially if your purchase was eligible for more than one rebate.

ProviderTelephone NumberWeb Site
NECO(855) 359-7131necoonlinerebates.com
LG Appliances(877) 333-9203lgrebatecenter.com
GE Appliances(866) 319-9259geappliancepromotions.com
Maytag(888) 336-4998maytag.rewardpromo.com
KitchenAid(888) 336-4998kitchenaid.rewardpromo.com
Samsung(866) 888-5503samsungpromotions.com
Frigidaire(866) 226-7076frigidairepromotions.com
Whirlpool(888) 336-4998whirlpool.rewardpromo.com
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