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Effective 2/17/23, delivery scheduling and payment are now outsourced to our delivery partners.

What this means for you is we will no longer collect any delivery charges, installation charges, or other labor charges related to your delivery. You'll work directly with the delivery company to arrange your delivery date and any related services you may require, and pay them separately for any services rendered.

We will no longer offer free delivery, however we will reduce the price of our appliance packages and key items such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers to offset the cost of delivery. If you pick your order up yourself you will also reap the benefits of these price reductions. This will save you money!

How this benefits you is an increased selection of delivery and installation services available to you, in addition to faster communication directly with the delivery company -- including your ability to schedule your delivery date according to your needs, without the complexity of using us as a middleman. Expanded trucking options and additional delivery trucks will be available, which means faster delivery availability during busy times of the year, and more available delivery dates in a wider selection of regions than ever before.

Reminder: Sale prices expire at 5:00 PM EST on the listed date, 4:00 PM EST on Sundays.

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Problems With Your Appliance?

What to do if you experience trouble with your product(s).
Rebate Help and Instructions

Our most requested feature: Detailed instructions for completing the most common types of rebate programs.
Rebate Forms

Here you can obtain copies of rebate forms for all manufacturer and mail-in rebate programs offered on the products we sell, both current and historical. If you need a replacement rebate form you can find it here. Please pay particular attention to the postmark dates on rebates. Rebates are offered and fulfilled by product manufacturers and are not under the control of BigCentric. Rebate eligibility is deteremined solely by the manufacturer or issuing agency.
Where To Find Your Serial Numbers

Product serial numbers are required for all manufacturer and mail-in rebates. Sometimes serial numbers can be hidden or hard to find on appliances, but we can help! Inside, find a guide to common locations for serial numbers on different types of appliances manufactured by many brands.
Appliance Measurement Guide

With our measurement guide, demystify the job of measuring for new appliances. It is not only important to carefully measure the spaces where your appliances will go, but also the entryways and pathways into your house or building. Delivery and installation can be complicated or impossible if your appliances can't be brought into the building. Inside, find information on common appliance dimensions, paths and places you should measure, and a checklist you can use to ensure that the models you select will fit your space and your delivery will go smoothly.
Frequently Asked Questions

It's okay to have questions. Inside, find answers to common questions about our ordering process, deliveries, pricing, policies, and more.
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